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In my studio

In my studio

Discovering Joy Love and Peace Through Art

I am passionate about painting and connecting to my inner creative voice.  I’m an artist, a mother, a wife on a journey to live in my own destiny and a supporter of anyone who would like to find their creativity. I believe we were all designed with ability to create and when we connect to our inner creative voice we can find peace, joy and love.  I desire to paint from my heart, being lead by the Holy Spirit.  I love to create art that can connect to someone and convey a positive and uplifting message.  If you're an art collector I hope you find something you like here.

Through live workshop events I help painters to loosen up their painting style, understand art design fundamentals and discover the joy and freedom of painting that comes from the heart. I enjoy teaching step-by-step painting parties and workshops to large and small groups.

I am ready to inspire you to connect to your inner creative voice and be the painter you have always wanted to be. Scroll DOWN for a Free Video Painting Tutorial: How to Paint a Succulent!